Company ODOS is an initiative created by Swiss Dancer and Choreographer Maja Zimmerlin and Greek Acrobat Kritonas Anastasopoulos. To realize artistic projects in the fields of Contemporary Dance, Circus and Performing Arts.

In collaboration with artists from different countries and backgrounds they are searching to create an art accessible to a wide audience and inviting the performers as well as the spectators to live it in connection to their own life and experience.  Their creations aim to slow down the fast rhythm of nowadays societies and raise awareness of ones own being and environment.

Choreographers, composers, performers, interpreters and, of course, the audience invest all part of their lifetime in one project! The goal is that all participants experience this lifetime in a good and meaningful way. This leads to an authentic and respectful creation. Not only with light or amusing themes, but also with difficult or unpleasant ones, a spectator should be touched and be able to have an intensive experience of a performance.

Through Company ODOS they search to activate an artistic exchange between the dancing and performing arts scenes of different countries. Using their experience of being based in Switzerland, Belgium as well as Greece in order to mingle those scenes and open up artistic horizons, open up installed borders, open up the influence on each other.

Company ODOS presents creations through different platforms such as Theatres, Sight-Specific Frames, Movies (ODOS Productions) as well as schools and kindergartens in order to make their art accessible to a wide variety of  audiences. The combined art takes it’s influence from Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Choreography, Improvisation as well as the ancient practices of Tai Chi (Yang Style) and Meditation.

Maja Zimmerlin

The Swiss Dancer and Choreographer Maja Zimmerlin, based in Belgium, Greece and Switzerland achieved her education as a dancer at the Zurich Dance Theater School ZTTS (CH) and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (BE).

Maja has been creating and dancing for the company Triodo with their creation Rachis (Touring in CH and BE) and is involved as Performer and Creator in the project EXODOS by the company Unités/Nomades (BE), a creation which moves between the fields of dance, circus and visual performance. (Performing in BE, CH and GR).
 One of her most recent works, presented by ODOS productions, consists of her first dance-video creation ANASA, which  has been touring internationally at various dance film festivals and won the Audience Award at Athens Video Dance Festival. 

She is the choreographer and director of the creation “Rising Dragon, Redbird Flying” by company ODOS and one of the performers and initiators of the Kids-Performance ZOOplahop.

Her journey as a dancer in the field of free improvisation has lead her to work in collaboration with a wide variety of musicians and ensembles over the years.

Kritonas Anastasopoulos

Kritonas Anastasopoulos began his performance career at the age of 12. Working alongside his father performing children’s shows in Greece.
He studied at ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, Brussels/BE), graduating in 2010 (specialising in the areas of Korean teeterboard, banquine and hand to hand). In 2007 he became founder member of the Belgium teeterboard company Acrobarouf, which toured until 2016 all around the globe: street festivals, big tops, cabarets and as a high point of their career joining the Cirque du Soleil with the production Amaluna (2011-2014 (USA/ CA).
In 2015 they won Bronze Medal at the International Young Stage Festival in Basel (CH) with the teeterboard Act Scratch.
Kritonas developed his movement language by following several professional classes in contemporary dance during his time spent in Brussels (such as David Zambrano, Inaki Azpillaga, Fighting Monkeys, Rakesh Sukesh, Solo Conversations, Renan Martins …)
With the dancer/choreographer Maja Zimmerlin and the theatre director Michel Bernard he co-created the piece Exodos (Cie Unités/Nomade BE), premier in Brussels in 2017 in theatre Marni (Brussels/BE).
He is part of Cie Side Show with the piece Spiegel im Spiegel – creation 2017 (tour BE/FR). Kritonas joined the French circus company XY by replacing a role in the show Il n’est pas encore minuit – World tour in 2018 including the project Voyages 2019.
In collaboration with Unités/Nomade and Cie ODOS in Brussels (BE), he is creating an acrobatic Solo (Telos) premiering in 2020.

Alongside his dedication in continuing to perform professionally, Kritonas has a passion for sharing his wide spread expertise, providing the next generation in the world of professional performers with valuable skills and experience. He is employed as a teacher at ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, Brussels/BE) and has been offered regular positions as a guest teacher (in floor arco-movement and trampoline) at many other great movement centres.
Besides his activities as an acrobat and performer he is a practitioner and disciple of the Tai Chi style Yang 85 forms and writes philosophical articles and poetry in the online Greek magazine http://tetartopress.gr/author/kritonas_anastasopoulos/.