6 poems of Tassos Leivaditis.
An acrobat wants to talk.
The need for speech expression that is hidden behind the acrobatic body.
How can speech express what the acrobat seeks to tell?
How floor acrobatics in a empty space are provoked through the resonance of sound that comes out either by acrobatics and object manipulation or by external means?
What can an acrobat say?
What does he want to say?
What to declare before the world?
Do his seemingly paradoxical and contradictory ways express only but a small dose of necessary truth?
Are people ready to listen to silence? The heartbeats, the murmurations of a common stranger?
A Production by Unités Nomade and Cie ODOS

A co-creation of Kritonas Anastasopoulos & Michel Bernard
Performance Kritonas Anastasopoulos
Direction Michel Bernard
Choreography Assistance Maja Zimmerlin
Lights Design
Sound Design



September 13 2019 Dansarte Patras, GR (work in progress presentation)